The budget's of the bride for the dress
Some brides have in mind their own budget the designer need to help the bride to full fill their own budget and recommend on the most economy dress but still look beautiful on the important day.
The bridal gown materials are also an important factor, we can offer in 100% silk, polyester satin, organza, chiffon and crepe.

The accessories to match with wedding gown
After you can decide what is the best wedding gown for you, you also can select a matching jewelry set to make you look more gorgeous with a little tiara, white glove and satin bridal shoes.


Bridal gown -  Bridal accessory


Find everything you need for your wedding day.

We feature a large assortment of bridal gown, bridal jewelry, bridal accessories,dance dress, thai dress and cocktail dress.

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Bridal gown  and  bridal accessories  Wholesale and  retail
Bridal gown  and  bridal accessories  Wholesale and  retail
World bride Bridal gown -  Bridal accessory
Bridal gown  and  bridal accessories  Wholesale and  retail


When the bride to be is coming to meet us at "WORLD BRIDE WEDDING SHOP" She will be the luckiest one to full fill all her needs.

From head to toe, we can supplying not only the ideal bridal gown but also the full line of accessories such as tiara, veil, head wears, jewelry set, bridal gloves and shoes.

All goods are supremely selected exclusively for the brides with excellence quality of materials and designs.

In order to be a perfect bride, the bride should have time to consult with WORLD BRIDE 's designer since the demand of each person is not same depending on how formal the wedding fair will be set up. The number of guest and relatives for both sides, race and culture also are also included into the consideration.

Bridal gown  and  bridal accessories  Wholesale and  retail

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There are many factors for selection individual gown are depending on the following factors :

Location of your wedding celebration
Where will be the place of your wedding celebration? , In the first class hotel or in the convention hall or in the church. If you are catholic, you should wear totally pure white with sleeve and long train to make yourself look elegance like Princess Diana.

Bride's personality and outlook
If you are tall and slim you are lucky to have any kind of dress, any shape of collar but if you are fat and short, A-Line skirt with lower collar and open more on neckline will be more suitable to you.

Bridal gown  and  bridal accessories  Wholesale and  retail

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